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Crowns and Bridges

At Miami One Dental, we offer a range of dental services to suit your needs. Crowns and bridges are two commonly used options that are appropriate to address a variety of problems. By customising your restoration to you, it will look and feel just like a natural tooth.

No matter where a problem tooth is located in your mouth, a dental crown is an ideal option to give strength to a tooth with compromised structure. A bridge is a permanent device that fills a gap where a tooth is missing from your smile.

Illustration of dental crownDental Crowns

Your tooth can be damaged by decay, trauma and more. If a filling isn’t appropriate, a crown can cover the entire surface of the tooth, giving it the appearance and function of a regular tooth. Before its placement, we’ll clean the tooth and take an impression of it. This impression is then used to create your tailored crown, which is durable and gives stability. On a follow-up visit, the crown is bonded to the tooth.

Illustration of dental crownDental Bridges

If you have one or more missing teeth, a dental bridge can fill in the gap. Each end of the bridge is anchored by a neighbouring tooth with a restoration suspended into the open space. Bonded into place, it’s a permanent solution that can be treated just like a normal tooth.

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