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New Patient Centre

Welcome to Miami One Dental!

When you arrive, a member of our warm, friendly team will greet you and give you the required forms. You can choose the program playing on television or sit down to relax for a moment before starting your visit.

The Checkup Process

The process involved in each appointment will depend on what you’ve booked in for. If it’s a routine checkup, Dr Kossyrev will introduce himself and walk you back to a comfortable dental chair. You’ll have a chat, discussing what’s brought you in and your dental history. He’ll take a look at your mouth and describe what he’s doing as he goes along.

Each step of the way at Miami One Dental, we take precautions to minimise any discomfort you feel, whether mental or physical. You can relax and know we’re doing our utmost to give you a fantastic experience.

Want to Learn More?

Contact us today to learn more about what we can do to improve your smile! Same-day appointments are available for immediate attention.


Miami One Dental | 07 5576 5194