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Crown Special at Miami One Dental


Don’t Put Off Your Crown Any Longer

Have you been wanting or needing a Crown for a while? Well now is the time to have the smile you deserve. Crowns address a variety of problems and they look and feel just like a natural tooth. Your tooth can be damaged by decay, trauma and more. If a filling isn’t appropriate, a crown can cover the entire surface of the tooth, giving it the appearance and function of a regular tooth.

Locally Made Crowns: 3-5 Day Turn Around

No matter where a problem tooth is located in your mouth, a dental crown is an ideal option to give strength to a tooth with compromised structure. A bridge is a permanent device that fills a gap where a tooth is missing from your smile.

Crown Special

  • $1,349 Per Crown, or
  • $949 Per Crown for 6 or More
  • Normally Priced at $1650 Each
  • Locally Made Crowns
  • 3-5 Day Turn Around
  • Consultant & X-Rays Included in Cost

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